Why choose us for thermographic imaging services?

Thermal Imaging Importance . ..

It is now commonly accepted that PPM (Planned Preventative Maintenance) contributes largely in keeping operational costs low, both through closures losses and equipment replacement for your business

Sometimes electrical faults, such as distribution board issues can only be identified once the fault has happened and causing huge losses to that business, not to mention in some cases serious risk to life & property

This is why most insurers are now insisting annual thermographic surveys are undertaken to satisfy the policy criteria for that premises 


  • Non-Invasive Survey Is Carried Out
  • Preventative Faults Are Detected – That What Would Have Not Been Identified Before
  • Included As Part Of The PPM Contract To Keep It Cost Effective
  • Avoids The Risk Of Serious Failures Leading To Closures & Threat To Life-Property
  • Satisfies Insurance Policy Criteria – Keeping Premiums Low
  • Reduce The Risk Of Fire
  • Increase the Lifespan Of Equipment
  • Reduce Running & Operating Costs

DSP will provide a full FLIR thermographic report with infra-red and digital pictures along with detailed technical information to identify each location surveyed along with any observations, recommendations where required.

Once the survey is completed it will be uploaded on our client portal with a dedicated client log-in facility to view all their reports on a safe, secure online platform

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